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This piece was written for Europe’s leading biotechnology company. It never ceases to amaze me how copywriters are required to – and able to – become an authority on medical conditions and treatments incredibly quickly. My pharma experience has led to me immersing myself in the likes of biotherapeutic proteins, small molecules, testosterone treatments and Crohn’s Disease. Just don’t consult me a day or so later.
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Copy Start Serono is the leading biotechnology company in Europe, and the third largest in the world in terms of revenue.
Coupling world-class biotech manufacturing capabilities with a strong research base and intellectual property portfolio, our mission is clear: to discover and develop innovative products that will help fight debilitating diseases and improve the lives of patients. We currently have sales in over 90 countries, and our annual revenues exceed $2 billion.

Considerable investment in R&D
Serono has an integrated R&D capability in-house as well as an extensive network of biotech alliances with smaller biotech companies and academic groups. We employ over 1,300 R&D personnel and 23% of our total revenue is invested in discovering and developing new therapeutics.

Currently specialising in three core therapeutic areas
1. Reproductive Health – world leader in infertility treatment
2. Neurology – Rebif® is the leading treatment for relapsing-remitting MS
3. Growth and Metabolism treatments – for growth deficiencies and AIDS wasting

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