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In 2021, I was flattered to be asked to be Head of Copy for the car insurance product comms of esure – a leading internet and telephone-based insurance company – with the brief of creating a more friendly, warm and contemporary Tone of Voice.

In addition to writing the 45-page policy booklet, I was tasked with participating in Zoom and Teams workshops relating to a variety of comms – from emails to SMS – across different departments.

To corrupt a phrase: Calm down, dear, it’s advertising.
Copy Start If you’ve had an accident
Accidents happen – and we know being involved in one can be upsetting. But we’re here for you. That’s what insurance is for. All we need you to do is to stay calm and be safe.

So, if you’re involved in an accident, put yourself and others first with these 4 steps:
1. Turn off your engine
2. Switch on your hazard lights
3. Get everyone out of the car and to a safe place
4. Call 999 if anyone’s injured or the road is blocked

Remember, you and your passengers are more important than your car. Also, be aware that there are fraudsters on the roads who try their luck on unsuspecting drivers. So, please be extra vigilant.

Copy End
Copy Start And what not to do
Please bear in mind the fact that some things you could do without thinking could put you at a disadvantage. So, please don’t:
❌  take the blame or apologise (even if you feel guilty)
❌  offer to pay for any repairs
❌  reply to a third party who contacts you, even if it’s a court or a solicitor. It might seem rude, but if you’re sent a notice of prosecution, inquest, fatal accident enquiry, court summons or claim form, don’t respond. Instead, send it straight to us. We’ll manage the communication for you. That’s what we’re here for.

Copy End
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